New products

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We have now launched our exciting new range. We have continued the development of our very successful Decorative Planter range and are pleased to introduce new designs for the coming year.

We have made a stylish addition to our range with the addition of the Cotswold Planter range. Inspired by the traditional stone buildings nestled in the Cotswold countryside, these planters add a classical feel to your garden. They are suitable for low plants, fan palms and small trees among others.

Additionally, we are introducing new colour options in our market leading Planter’s range to bring all year around inspiration and impact to your garden. The new Light Sand colour gives the feel of the Cotswold countryside, while the new Limestone Grey colour takes inspiration from the stone walls flanking the country lanes of the Cotswolds. These new colours add some lighter colours to our range while the new texture matches the real thing exceptionally well.

We are committed to constantly reflect the changing needs of the gardener and always seek to encourage creativity by bringing new ideas and inspiration to outdoor living spaces.

These exciting new products will be available soon in a garden centre near you.